Hughenden School Highlights

By Hailey Busk and Maddie Long

The Friday before Halloween, Jr. High students hosted a haunted house for the elementary students.
Students were split into groups of witches, vampires, mummies and cats and assigned spirit leaders to escort them through various activities such as a favourite called the biscuit balance.

While in the haunted house, students had to crawl through a maze while people tried to scare them.
Overall these activities were very fun and everyone enjoyed them.

Jr. High volleyball playoffs
By Berit Cuthbert and Ethan Dambrowsky

On Oct. 28 Hughenden Public School (HPS) hosted the jr. high girls BTPS South volleyball playoffs while the junior boys headed to Provost Public School for their playoffs.

The junior boys’ coach, Ryan Duffett said, “The junior boys team started off really well and tailed off in regards of results.

“Throughout the year they showed much improvement and I am very proud of them.”

Remembrance Day ceremony
By Darby-Ann Swanson and Joel Morrison

On Nov. 10 high school students along with grades 7 and 8 drama class at HPS held a Remembrance Day ceremony for the community.

Special guests Sgt. Stirrett, Warrant Officer Stringer and Sgt. Schneikart presented a PowerPoint and answered questions from the audience.

A moment of silence to honour the war veterans was observed at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Book fair
By Kjersti Congdon and Kira Axley

The HPS book fair held on Nov. 16, 17 and 18 was a success raising approximately $900 which will be put towards new books and accelerated reader prizes, according to Mrs. Motley, the school librarian.

The students seemed to enjoy the selection of books and other fun items.

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