Hughenden school builds “Castles for a Cause”

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submitted by Hughenden students
On Dec. 17 students gathered in the Hughenden School gymnasium to build a structure with a Christmas theme from food that was collected to later donate to the food bank.

The school placed extra focus on the food drive this year recognizing the difficult economic times have increased the need for charitable giving.

With that in mind the Hughenden Public School held a contest to see who could bring in the most food for the food bank. The winners were the Grade 7 and 11 team and the best castle award was given to the Grade 5 and 9 team.

Christmas concert
On Dec. 8 the Hughenden School’s elementary students and teachers hosted the annual Christmas concert titled “Lights, Camera, Christmas!”

Lara Ledger’s senior high foods class graciously  prepared many snacks for guests to enjoy following the performance and lighting was done by Ms. Kimberly Ruecker and students Reagan Lomheim, Ty Hope and Chloe Sayer.

Water treatment plant lesson
The chemistry 20 class enjoyed a presentation by Mark Wight who is the Village of Hughenden maintenance foreman and water treatment plant supervisor.

Students advanced their knowledge about solutions and learned the process of water treatment by the village.

Following the presentation students received a narrated tour of the local water treatment plant and had the opportunity to appreciate the qualitative and quantitative procedures of testing that occur.

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